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TraWork is for anyone who can work from Anywhere…
We Explore & Experience places beyond traditional travel without compromising on Work!

Trawork India


Dig into the hidden gems of India. Go for a Safari through Jim Corbett National Park, or go hike on the mountains of Dehradun, get spiritual & more while you work from some of the most sought after destinations in India with Trawork India.
Time to go up North

June 7th to June 16th 2019

Trawork Europe

Poland, Estonia and Finland

Just Imagine, living your daily routines Working from & experiencing the local cultures of these three amazing vibrant cities is what TraWork Europe in November will be all about. These cities are great destinations for working nomads and have some amazing work culture that one should definitely be a part of. TraWork Europe promises to bring the best of Poland, Estonia, and Finland for all you travel enthusiasts.

November 8th to November 22nd 2019

Trawork Europe

Budapest & Austria

Experience Vienna’s the imperial history, baroque streetscapes and impeccable palaces along with Budapest, a grandeur on the Danube, that has a dramatic history and flamboyant architecture and a nightlife that is unrivalled in Eastern and Central Europe.

July 28th to August 11th 2019

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TraWork is a “Work away from Work” initiative.

Work by the day and go on an exploration by the evening… We want to change the way we Travel and Work while we Travel.

We want to encourage more and more individuals to Travel the World and be able to work from the remotest locations around the world. We believe that you should no longer have to choose between Work & Travel, you should be able to do both. We want you to meet different people, be a part of different cultures, explore, work from beautiful places and create amazing life experiences.

Working remotely is being able to work from anywhere and not be restricted to your office space. It can be, being able to work from home, a cafe or an entirely different city and country.

With TraWork you get to work from different cities around the globe.

TraWork is for anyone who can work or remotely or wishes to work remotely…Just from anywhere around

We do have a selection process in place to be able to get the right set of people come on board for each trip, so that they can be a great company, add a lot of value to fellow Traworkers, work together, explore and create experiences together.

This means that all you need is a travel bug inside you and the curiosity to work from different places in the world to be a Traworker.

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Flap your wings
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Life Beyond Work


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