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Eat to your heart’s content and shop till you drop dead – two things totally applicable to this English capital.

When you choose to embark on this specialised tour, TraWork London – Food & Fashion, you’ll get more than what you’ve expected. For all those foodies and fashion lovers, this trip is designed to let you in on some of the best experiences you could get. An incredible city that boasts rich history and culture, London welcomes host of tourists each year. Its larger-than-life landmarks, classy fashion houses and diverse cuisine, makes it one of the finest cities in the world. The captivating aura of the city is sure to offer unforgettable memories.

Fashion & London - The Vintage Connection

Being one of the major fashion capitals of the world, the city has always been known to set trends and bring forth some of the best designers. As is seen through the years, British history and fashion is closely entwined, with royals being a source of inspiration for most trends. Whether it’s the corsets or elegant outfits of the modern royals, we’ve never missed out on any trend. It’s worth noting that London’s fashion history goes back travels through the city’s history, and is largely related to its economic, social, and cultural development. The most exciting event, the London Fashion Week is held twice a year – an event of catwalk shows, designer talks, fashion industry experts and much more. Get up n close with some of the best fashion houses and get a chance to meet leading designers. If you are a budding photographer, designer or a stylist, the London Fashion Week Festival is a great place to consult experts from the industry.

London - A Foodie’s Haven

While fashion has reserved its place, London also takes pride in some of its food joints that have been around for centuries – Fortnum & Mason, a specialty food and departmental shop, and Paxton & Whitfield, a cheese shop specializing in English cheeses, which began in 1742. Fascinating, isn’t it? Blue cheese, a part of the English tradition was largely enjoyed during Christmas, and continues to be popular around the holidays today. They say that back in the Victorian times, when people travelled more often, food for the road was a common thing. Typical English food such as biscuits, pates, honey and jams were sold in ceramic pots so that they last during the travel. You’re still bound to find this long traditional foodstuff, packaged in the same ceramic pots. For all those who want a slice of the longstanding English traditions, pubs and the quintessential afternoon tea places are still going strong. If you think English food is bland, then get ready to be knocked off your senses – you’re sure to find traditional meals that are slightly reinvented, while restaurants here serve cuisines from various countries, for all palettes. Enjoy a rendezvous with adept chefs and get on a culinary tour for a supremely curated experience.

Fun Facts!

Your favourite Cheddar cheese comes from Somerset in South-west England, which houses caves perfect for providing the ideal temperature and humidity for ageing the cheese.Creamy stilton, as is known, is perfectly aged, and would be scooped into pots that the families brought in during Christmas.The London Fashion Week first started in in 1984 in a west London car park.The London Fashion Week is known for its support of the blogging community.The outbreak of World War II was influential shaping women’s fashion, as it was now acceptable for women to wear trousers due to the rationing of fabrics.Why take a break from work when you love your work. TraWork creates experiences around the world while you work. From exploring new places to networking with like-minded people around the globe, you can do it all without having to choose between travel and work, because we believe there’s nothing better than work and fun together. TraWork trips are tailored keeping in mind your profession, and the need to give it an element of fun. Live and love your work, meet like-minded people and discuss ideas and get the exposure you otherwise might not get sitting at your desks.

Let’s TraWork together, in London!

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