What Does TraWork Do To You?

Travelling is a therapy for some, recreation for others and a way to relax for most. For us, travelling is just another day at work and it’s not just the case with us, but all those who travel with us. Oops, we forgot to tell you, they don’t just travel with us but TraWork with us.

TraWork means to combine travelling and work together; doing both without missing out on any one. There are numerous articles on the internet stating reasons for travelling. The scientific ones say that travelling is good for your brain, the more artistic ones say that traveling turn you into a storyteller. We say that traveling is just a way of living your life. Doing routine stuff in a different city with a little cultural twist of the place in the evenings is what we offer.

So what does Traworking with us do to you?

  • TraWork let’s you have a work-travel balance.
  • TraWork makes a globetrotter turn into a digital nomad.
  • TraWork helps you make new acquaintances and friends on the go.
  • TraWork helps you network and build a global FamJam.
  • TraWork makes you experience places you’ve never been to before and then turns you into a worldwide local.
  • TraWork makes you want more of it once you are back from the TraWork trip.
  • TraWork makes you Happy!
  • TraWork is an experience

Do we need to list more reasons for TraWorking with us?

Join us on the Travel and Working experience of a lifetime and make a life out of it.

TraWork with us to South-East Asian cities of Chiang Mai & Ho Chi Minh from July 29th to 12th August along with 14 other individuals.
Explore the cities and work like never before, an office in the mountains or the beaches, creative and vibrant that’ll not just enhance your productivity but also put you on a creative thinking process.

We always say this: "Trawork is all about carrying out your daily routine from an entirely new city…!! Everytime"

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