Living Around the World

We’ve all seen movies like ‘Into the Wild’, while our 20s were approaching, and all we could think about is how fascinating it would be to live a life, just like that. The idea of being on the road, hitchhiking, making new friends, learning new craft and creating beautiful memories each day, had us drooling over wanderlust.

The life of someone who is constantly traveling, happily ofcourse, is, in fact, quite blissful. Here’s how... ​

Routine Rules

Being on the Go all the time, does not mean that you won’t have any routine. And at the same time if you are someone who has a certain morning ritual or you like doing things in a certain way each day, that is also no excuse to miss out on exploring the world. I have heard this all the time, “Hey, this wouldn’t be possible while travelling” or “I like to start my day with yoga and meditation and I might have to give that up if I am traveling”…

But, that’s not how it is. Just like starting your day with Yoga is a way of living, travelling or being on the go can also be a way of living. You will be in a new city, country or even continent, every few days and your routine does not have to take a hike. You can do all the things you usually do at a different place while enjoying different vibes.


It is always advisable to travel light. Carry only what you need to live comfortably at different places. A documentary on Netflix, called Minimalism, explains how this can be done in real time. People carry only 40 to 50 things with them (big or small) and that’s all they actually need. Minimalist living just becomes a way of living for a traveler. ‘Cause buying and carrying things you don’t need is just an add on to your burden of responsibilities while you’re traveling and you wouldn’t want that, would you?

Borderless Opportunities

Becoming a global citizen helps you make the most of opportunities, no longer bound by borders and territories of a single country. Traveling and working, together, helps you network with other like-minded souls, collaborate with growing individuals and companies and create something worth your while, while you are on the Go. Technology has made meeting like minded people, being a part of various communities around the world all the more easy. You no longer feel like a stranger in a new city. In fact, most of the times we have friends waiting, even before we land in a new city, thanks to social media.

Moreover, your focus would be more gripped since you don’t think about vacation ‘cause you’re already having one, everyday! Now that’s amazing.

Keep ‘em Close

Technology has brought everyone at each other’s palms, no matter how many geographical miles away they are.

Friends, family, social circle, etc. play a pivotal role in our lives and we would not want to lose touch with them. This is why, traveling has been blessed with internet and social media so that people can explore the world, guilt free of not being able to spend time with their loved ones. There are a ton of platforms to share and express your life with your loved ones all the time. And hey, you are anyway around the globe, you might take quick stops to see them and spend some quality time too.
I always think of it this way, even if we are living together, how much time do we actually spend with each other when we are all busy with our work & personal lives. So being with family and friends all the time Vs meeting them every couple of months and spending some super quality time, you can definitely choose.

Life On Wheels

Well, not literally wheels. It can be on a plane, a ship, open grounds, mountains, anywhere you like! It is just a matter of taking that first step towards the life of your dreams, traveling around the world, working on the go and living on the go. Excuses won’t stop you if you choose and create the life you truly want. Now is the time.

The world has never been this open and accessible. Just get out and experience. I promise, you would want to do that more often than ever.

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