Opportunities while Travel in London

Exploring The City & Yourself In London

A flurry of pictures can paint your imagination, when one of the most loved cities of the world, London, is mentioned in a conversation. Big Ben, the Queen, Westminster Bridge, and a fading spinning jenny on an old post stamp, Shakespeare, theater, cobbled stone streets straying away aimlessly, jaunty caps or just the sight of London Bridge falling as a lover sings a serenade to woo his fair lady, everything is a marvel in London.

If you will to open up your imagination, as you work while traveling in London, the romantic dreamy-eyed city can be equally welcoming. TraWork will keep you buoyed through the uncertainty of the unknown and guide you through all the opportunities this wonderful city has to offer to make sure you don’t feel lost, even for a day while you travel and explore.

Meeting people over coffee or a drink while discussing the potential of your new project can be a pleasant break from the monotony of familiar routine, it can lead you to interesting possibilities too. A fresh start, a new perspective, a different culture and people can open your team and you to ideas that lie far beyond the reach of virtual recluse of your computers and the measured pace of a regular day at work. We want you to have real experiences and challenge your mind to chart its course to the territories untraded and to the road less travelled. Exploring opportunities offered by startups in various countries while on the trip lets you step into an environment that’s conducive of your skill set and potential.

Our co-working spaces equip you with infrastructure that makes transitioning to a new work setting seamless. Access to inter-city and intra-city transport, free internet connectivity and being a part of the dynamic TraWork community allows you to be productive and exposes you to various possibilities.

Events and workshops ensure you meet locals and people from around the world, because conversations are food for thought, and one can’t really explore the nuances of a place without knowing its people. Get up n close with professionals during such events – biggest fashion shows, food tours, heritage walks, music fests and much more for people from different backgrounds.

The bygone ages of this city are still preserved in beautiful museums, art galleries and war memorials. Its stories, its regional aspirations, its rise and fall unravel in splendid ways when looked at through the lens of time. While its food, language, art, music and fashion fuse into a sensory feast, as mentioned, there’s something for everyone in London.

So, if you belong to Herman Melville’s clan, the guy who wrote ”I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote”, but want to make the best of your time away, you have TraWork – a community that transforms the way people work and connect. An organization that bridges dreams and reality!

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