TraWork Spain & Portugal- An Enthralling Nomadic Adventure

Ola From Spain!

Cathedrals, museums and flamenco! That’s when you know it’s Spain. Other than these monumental and incredible sights, the country has a lot to offer. A holiday in Spain is nothing but a rich experience of its history – a traveller’s dream vacation.

Spain For Art Lovers

With a history of art, museums are one of the places you wouldn’t want to miss out on. From local street food to extravagant fiestas, you can fill your memory jar with the best experiences ever.

History lovers, museology students and academic professionals alike are in for a treat with all the magnificent art, architecture and museum artefacts. Museo Nacional Del Prado in Madrid, Picasso museum, Museo Guggenheim Bilbao and many other outstanding museums are an artist’s heaven and an art lover can’t miss out on these. All this means work while you play, and not in a conventional way but on your own terms, and TraWork makes this dream possible. Could work get any more interesting?

Spain For Foodies

Hold on, we’re not done yet! For all you food bloggers, although tapas are every Spaniard’s favourite, Spain has many other delicacies which locals swear by. Croquettes, tortilla Espanola, Pisto and many more dishes worth trying – some dating back to hundreds of years. Foodies, get your blog going while you experience the best food ever. Enjoy working while gorging on these super yummy recipes.

Spain For Fashionistas

And, there’s more, for all the fashion lovers out there! Leather and fur are their best friends, and they play prominent roles in Spaniards’ fashion sense. Spain hosts a few popular fashions shows every year including Mercedes-Benz Fashion week Madrid and 080 Barcelona Fashion, encouraging the local talent. True fashionistas and fashion bloggers, there’s your chance to witness one of the best fashion events.

Oi From Portugal!

A beautiful country surrounded by scenic landscapes, exquisite beaches, historic destinations and lovely weather, situated on the Iberian Peninsula, that’s Portugal for you. Aside from the mainstream vacay spots, an exciting assortment of restaurants and bars are keeping Portugal’s spirit alive.

Portugal For Digital Nomads & Football Lovers!

From burgeoning co-working spaces to local experiences, Portugal has a lot to offer. The country is known for its Port wine, relaxing beaches and football. The Port wine produced in the Douro Valley in Northern Portugal is ubiquitous in Portugal, so wine lovers here’s your chance.

Portugal For Food Bloggers’ Diary

When it comes to food, the salt cod and grilled sardines are national dishes and of course there are more mouth-watering dishes for you to complement your wine. Famished, are we? Food lovers, bloggers, get the game rolling!

Fun Facts!

Spaniards have a special way of saying hello to each other and it’s called kiss-kiss greetings.

Although it’s influenced by many other cultures such as Romans, Phoenicians and Greeks, it’s primarily based on pre-Roman Celtic and Iberian culture.

The most popular music in Spain is Flamenco and jazz.

Spain is renowned worldwide for its classical guitar made famous by Andrés Segovia, Carlos Montoya, Manuel de Falla, Joaquín Rodrigo and Narciso Yepes.

Spaniards are football lovers, and clubs like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid were originated in Spain, going strong till today.

Portuguese love football, Cristiano Ronaldo, the most famous name in football.

Networking on a holiday while shaping your career, that’s a dream, isn’t it? TraWork offers you an opportunity at realizing your dream, meeting new like-minded people and getting a whole new perspective on work. Meet individuals and explore a new destination this year with us without leaving your profession behind.

TraWork With Us To Spain & Portugal!

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