TraWork is a “Work away from Work” initiative.

We want to encourage more and more individuals to Travel the World and be able to work from the remotest locations around the world. We believe that you should no longer have to choose between Work & Travel, you should be able to do both. We want you to meet different people, be a part of different cultures, explore, work from beautiful places and create amazing life experiences.

TraWork is for anyone and everyone. 

Anyone who wants to be a part of it, anyone who can work remotely and everyone who dreams to travel the world and loves their work. We do have a selection procedure to be able to get the right set of people come on board for each trip, so that they can be a great company, add a lot of value to fellow Traworkers, contribute, learn, share and grow.

This means that all you need is a travel bug inside you and the curiosity to work from different places in the world to be a Traworker.

You have to have your own reasons of course but for us you should come because this is going to be once in a lifetime experience where you get to explore the most amazing places in the world, meet a ton of interesting like-minded individuals (which you wouldn’t otherwise), work from exotic locations, live life on the go and so much more.

You can either do your own work remotely. We can assist you to get your company on board for this. Or you can explore opportunities offered by startups in various countries while on the trip.

Working remotely is being able to work from anywhere and not be restricted to your office space. It can be, being able to work from home a cafe or an entirely different city and country.

With TraWork you get to work from different cities around the globe.

Your day would begin with a morning activity followed by breakfast. The work hours would then begin (one can choose their work timings as needed). In the evening we’ll explore local events and organise community activities, meet-ups and talks. You can always make groups and explore other attractions in the city, go dining, clubbing etc.

Not really. It is up to you how you would like to plan your day. However, there are no concessions/ refund in case you plan to give something a miss. Though, we suggest that you take part in every activity as this will help you collaborate with other community members and help us together build a stronger community.

Please visit our Trips page to learn more about our upcoming trips.

Please visit our Trips page to learn more about the investment.

Your package covers:

  • Airport Transfers
  • All Accommodations with Breakfast
  • Access to Coworking Spaces with free WiFi
  • Welcome dinner with drinks
  • All Inter-city and Intra-city transport
  • Local Experiences
  • Meet-ups, Events and Workshops
  • Trawork kit
  • Access to Trawork community

We understand that having uninterrupted internet supply is critical to your work and productivity and that’s why we partner with co-working spaces in each city to make sure that we have an amazing working environment with great internet connectivity.

We would serve breakfast only. All accommodations would be equipped with kitchen so you can either cook or enjoy local cuisines.

We encourage all to go Explore the new city and what better way to do that than trying the Local Cuisines and Restaurants.

You have to get your own tickets done for the mentioned dates of the trip. You cannot join in late or leave early, it is mandatory for everyone to start and end the trip with TraWork from the said meet up & departure points.

We can help you with the visa, any letter you might need for the application purpose.

We can assist you to make the relevant industry connections. You can use those connections to get yourself employed.

No. As of now, we don’t have a provision for that.

As of now, we don’t have a provision for that.

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