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The feeling & excitement you get before getting on a plane for that trip is like no other. The anticipation of an upcoming journey can be consuming for a lot of us. We spend so much of our time planning what we would do & how we would spend our time, with a desire to explore and experience all that a new city or a country has to offer, seeking the perfect place to stay, best in town food, must-see places, the history, culture and so on…
But let’s face it, even after all the time we put into planning our perfect trips, what really transforms that travel experience into the trip of a lifetime are the “Unplanned” things.
Travel Tales 4.0 is all about those untold confessions of various travellers from across the country. This series of confessions will change the way you look at your next travel trip!! We will be talking to some of the most amazing travellers from all over the country, where they will share their tips, pet peeves and their craziest travel experiences, some of which would inspire and others that would make our jaws drop! They will come forward and share some of their biggest travel lessons that they have learned along the way, the mistakes they made, things they could have done better, people & places they discovered accidentally and all the things that happened out of nowhere. It’s the time to know the Untold Stories!

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Travel Tales is an event series where we cover different aspects of travel and work while traveling. This time Travel confession is being hosted across 13 cities – Pune, Mumbai, Indore, Nagpur, Raipur, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Kolkatta, Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi.
The Organiser
TraWork is a Work Travel initiative which gives people a platform to travel & work all around the world. With Trawork we explore & experience places beyond traditional travel without compromising on our work. Trawork is for anyone & everyone who can work remotely. It takes us to amazing places leading us to Travel-Work-Explore-Experience & Meet like-minded people. Work fills a major part of our lives. When you can’t just take a break, TraWork allows you to take your work on a holiday. This way you can be away for a longer time with nothing holding you back.
Venue Partner
Adited is the best co-working space in Indore, build with the aim of changing the way business works and grow themselves, we not only provide start-ups and entrepreneurs just an uber-cool space but an ecosystem and network to help their brand grow. We believe that business can be more successful and can outperform if provided the right work environment and network to grow themselves. That’s why we have to build Adited to serve a single purpose. YOU.

About Speaker

Veidehi Gite

While solo travel may smite as a valiant-choice for women, Veidehi Gite, an award-winning Indian travel blogger is on a mission to set some serious travel goals for the travelling community. After spending over a decade in the Mumbai corporate world, Veidehi eventually gave way to her true passion and introduced her travel journal Krazy Butterfly, to the world. In the last four years of her world expedition, she has won many awards including the top solo woman travel influencer by Holidify and top luxury travel blog by the US magazine, Empty Lighthouse.

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