WORK from Anywhere!

All your work remains the same, the dedication, sincerity, excitement, all are the same but just at a whole new space. Work from the remotest and unexplored parts of the world.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to have a new place of work every now and then or whenever you wish? Rendezvous with a different location, a different look and a different feel or a different country, may be.

All you need to do is to get your work along and let us figure out the rest for you.

We assure you to bring the best of the experiences to your work tables.

Find opportunities to collaborate and work with people in the host country. Get an opportunity to expand your portfolio, get exposure to some of the best work cultures and witness the different domains and styles of working.


TRAVEL to Everywhere

Explore the unexplored- the places that you don’t hear about often or the places that are not a part of the regular ‘must visit places around the world’ when you Google or the places that are still unknown to travel companies…

We’ll go to ‘Everywhere’.

One of the core ideas of TraWork is to help you experience different cities and countries and take you across all seven continents.

Be a local to every city. What better way to know the different parts of the world than to actually be there, be a part of the local community, live like a local, live the culture, the food and the people and actually be one of them.

We work extensively with the local people, travel bloggers and travel enthusiasts to get you the most inclusive itineraries. Our hunt/quest for eccentric locations is neverending.

We are not a Travel Company, we are EXPERIENCE CREATORS and we will put the best people to work on getting you to the best travel destinations.

COMMUNITY - your Global FamJam

We bring to you the most amazing set of like-minded individuals, from different parts of the world, to accompany you on this life changing journey.

They will work with you, travel with you, explore & live with you and may be become a part of your social inner circle as well.

Explore the TraWork journeys alongside some awesome TraWorkers who would join you from various verticals, with different knowledge backgrounds, languages, cultures and experiences.

This would become one of the best platforms to learn, share and grow with some incredible people at some of the best places in the world.

Have a Fam Jam across the globe, anywhere & everywhere.




At Trawork, your experience matters to us more than anything else.

A fulfilling work experience along with networking and, not to forget, travelling and exploring is what we offer to you in the most unique ways.

Trawork is all about creating experiences for individuals which they otherwise would never have had if they were still sitting at their office cubicles. Other than organising fabulous work-travel trips, our focus is to make these journeys a lifetime experience that you would want to revisit again & again.

Mind you, we are not a Travel Company. We do take care of your logistics but only to make sure that your work and travel experiences don’t go for a toss. We are a Community driven program where your experience of a place, your work and people are above all.

Experience places, people, cultures, companies and a lot more than just sightseeing like a tourist. We help you make the most out of your journeys around the world.

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