The Story

Once upon a time, a young woman went on the solo trip of her dreams. And that was just the beginning! Wanderlust set in and the young woman was everywhere! Her Instagram radiated Travel and she had no intention of stopping!

People were in awe!


“How does she manage to travel so much?”

“What a life she has!”

“We cannot do it!”

“Our  carefully crafted world will fall apart!”

“But how I wish I had a life like hers!”

And it is then that the young woman realised how travel still had strings attached to it. Everyone wants to travel, explore, spend time with themselves. But the reason they don’t do it is fear of missing out on work, or the notion that travel is expensive!

Moreover,  she saw that the other few who did travel were more inclined on doing the touristy things, missing out on the hidden gems that places had to offer. The true meaning of travel- Lost.

The Idea!

And that is when TraWork was born. An Idea that centers around travelling while not compromising on work. An Idea that evolves you from a tourist to an explorer. An Idea that makes you richer from the day you started.

If you are someone looking for the experience of a lifetime, then you are at the right place!

Travel is something where you spend money but only get richer and we’ve made it our mission to take enthusiastic & like-minded individuals on life changing journeys.

We are here to make work away from work possible for you. We want to take you on amazing travel journeys and make you work from the most exotic locations around the world! And all this in company of some amazing individuals.

Explore attractive places and choose a trip (or more) which suits you the best. Desert, beaches, mountains, valleys and more, we’ve covered them all for you. Join us on a journey of a lifetime and make a new country your place of work and living each month. TraWork with us!

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